Will it all Fit? We have the answer!

Do you want to host a casino party and are unsure if everything will fit?

Let us help you maximize the possibilities to get the most out of your event space.

Get Table Dimensions:

Contact iHostPoker and ask for the dimensions of their casino tables. Specifically, inquire about the length, width, and other relevant measurements.

  • We have provided all of our table dimensions on our web sites pricing page, online casino agreement, and on your invoice to make it easy to find all of our table dimensions.

Measure Your Space:

Measure the available space in your venue where you plan to set up the casino tables. Consider the layout, including any obstacles, walkways, and other furniture.

Consider Layout and Configuration:

Think about the layout and configuration you want for the casino tables. Consider factors such as the arrangement of tables, spacing between them, and whether you need room for guests to move comfortably.

Create a Floor Plan:

Use the table dimensions and your space measurements to create a floor plan. This can help you visualize how the tables will fit and whether any adjustments are needed.

Account for Other Items:

If you plan to have additional items such as a bar, buffet tables, or entertainment, account for their space requirements in your floor plan.

Consult with iHostPoker:

Share your floor plan and space measurements with iHostPoker. They may be able to provide guidance based on their experience in hosting similar events.

Review Venue Rules and Regulations:

If your event is taking place in a venue (such as a hotel or conference center), review any rules or regulations they may have regarding the setup of equipment and furniture.
By taking these steps and collaborating with iHostPoker, you can better ensure that the casino tables fit comfortably in your space and that the overall layout meets both your vision for the event and any logistical requirements.

The Easy Way:

One way to look at things without taking any measurements at all is to imagine the size of a couch and the size of a love seat. Our poker, craps, and roulette tables are each the size of a couch. Our blackjack tables and other half-moon shaped tables are the size of a love seat.

Want to order a Four of a Kind package?
Imagine we will be delivering 3 couches and 1 love seat.

It is that easy!