What is Rock and Roll Bingo?

Rock and Roll Bingo is an iHostPoker exclusive like nothing you have ever seen!

Imagine a music-themed bingo game with trivia, comedy, and story time all rolled into one hosted by the founder and owner of iHostPoker Casino Parties.

Players are given custom bingo cards with a grid of squares, much like traditional bingo cards. However, instead of numbers, each square contains the name of a song.

We can typically fit in 10 games in a three-hour show.

Music Clips or Song Titles:

Instead of a bingo caller calling out numbers, snippets of songs are played, or the titles of songs are announced. Players listen to the music clips or pay attention to the announcements to identify the corresponding items on their bingo cards.

The games are divided by decade plus so much more. Listen to your favorite music from:








But wait, there is more… We also have:

1 Hit Wonders



TV Theme Songs

Commercial Jingles

Movie Lines




King George (All Songs by the King himself)

Marking Off Squares:

Players who recognize a song on their bingo card mark the square off with the iHostPoker pens provided. The goal is to complete a line or achieve a specific pattern on the bingo card, just like in traditional bingo.


The winner is the first player to complete the required pattern and shout “Rock and Roll Bingo!”. Prizes are often awarded to the winners, adding to the fun and excitement of the game.

Rock and Roll Bingo is a social and interactive activity that appeals to music lovers and adds a dynamic element to the traditional bingo experience. It’s often used in pubs, social events, parties, fundraisers, and entertainment venues to engage participants uniquely and entertainingly. It is fun for all ages and groups, small, medium, and large.

What’s included:

We provide everything you need to host a Rock and Roll Bingo night for 100 players.

*Additional fees may apply for larger groups

Pens, bingo cards, music, and a sound system are all provided. When applicable, we can patch into your DJ’s sound system.

Last but not least, if you do not have any prizes of your own to award the winners, we have prizes we can offer, which can be found here – PRIZE

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