Prizes? Raffle Tickets vs Top Chip Winners?

Having prizes at your casino-themed event is a great way to add an extra layer of fun. Whether the goal is to raise money for a charity, encourage participation, or want your guests to feel like they have the opportunity to win something of value, it is key to a successful event.

Using iHostPoker double-role raffle tickets at your casino party can add an extra element of excitement and allow guests to win prizes. Before your event starts, we provide you with our iHostPoker vouchers for you to give to each of your guests. Your guests redeem the voucher with any iHostPoker dealer for $5,000 in chips. We do not have a starting amount displayed on the vouchers, which gives you the flexibility to make them worth any amount you see fit for your event.

After your guests have enjoyed themselves at the tables and you are ready to wrap up for the evening, they can redeem their chips for iHostPoker raffle tickets with any of the iHostPoker dealers. We like to use the exchange rate of $1,000 chip per ticket. This gives your guests plenty of tickets without going overboard and turning your party into a scene from your local Chuck E Cheese.

Once the dealers have all of our chips back and your guests have their raffle tickets, they will proceed to the drawing area, separate their double-roll tickets, and drop one half into the drawing bowl while hanging on to the other half.

The only thing left to do is commence with the drawing and give away all those awesome prizes.

Top Chips Winners – The Alternative Way of Award Prizes 

If you prefer not to use raffle tickets, you can always award prizes to the top chip winner(s). The number of places you would give prizes is completely up to you. Give the person with the most chips the 1st place prize, the second most chips would get 2nd place, and so on. This is ideal for small groups as it is harder to tally all the players in larger groups.

*Our iHostPoker dealers will work together to locate your top chip winners.

Choose Enticing Prizes

Prizes can range from small items like gift cards or themed baskets to larger items like electronics or travel. Make sure the prizes align with the theme and appeal to your guests. We recommend that you provide enough prizes for 10% of your guests.

Things to Consider

We are always asked, “Which is better, raffling off prizes or awarding them to the top chip winners?” my answer is always “raffle,” and here is why.

When players know that you are awarding prizes to the top chip winner(s), the guests who are very low on chips will start to pool their chips because they don’t feel like they have a chance of winning, so they give their chips away to friends. This makes it unfair to the players who tried hard to win that 1st place prize. Also, the players who don’t have many chips towards the end of the night and know they cannot win anything are no longer having as much fun as the rest of the players who are still engaged and winning.

If the players know they will exchange their chips for raffle tickets at the end of the night, then even the smallest stacks will get a few tickets and feel like they have a chance to win until the end. Who knows, they may even win the grand prize!

The goal is to keep everyone playing and feeling like a winner until the end of your event.

Both raffles and locating the top chip winners take time, so be sure to budget enough time for each one.

Raffle – 1-2 minutes per prize
Top Chip Winner – 5 to 10 minutes

Our reservations team is always happy to help answer any further questions you may have on the topic of awarding prizes at your next casino party.