Meet the iHostPoker Casino Parties Dream Team

We could not host over 800 parties a year if it were not for the hardest-working men and women in this business. I would like you to meet the people behind the scenes dedicated daily to ensuring your special occasion is handled professionally from start to finish.

Let me add that they are not only “behind the scenes,” as mentioned before, because the fact is, from the owner on down, we all love dealing at casino parties, so quite often, you will see these familiar faces at your next event.

Elizabeth (Liz) Gonzalez – Sales / Reservations

Looking to book your next event? It all starts with Liz, who handles all incoming calls related to our booking process. If you have a question that cannot be answered from our website, Liz can help. Her goal is to get your reservation processed while paying particular attention to the details of your event.

Liz has provided excellent customer service to our customers since she started in October 2014.

She can be reached on our office line – 713-429-5707 by pressing 1, or you can email her directly at

Laura Gonzalez – Scheduling for Events and Dealers

Once your signed casino party agreement is completed and your deposit has been received, Laura will take over your event, double-check everything for accuracy, and add it to our event calendar. After the event is added, she begins scheduling to book the dealers for your tables. We don’t wait until the last minute to reserve your team; we do it as soon as your event is added to our calendar.

During the week that your event is scheduled, Laura will review all of your event details with you by phone or email to ensure we meet your expectations and create the setup & clean-up schedules for our delivery teams to execute on the day of your event. Last but not least, Laura is tasked with ensuring all final payments are made before your event date so that there are no delays to your event.

Laura runs a very tight ship and has been on our team since October 2014

She can be reached on our office line – 713-429-5707 by pressing 2 or you can email her directly at

Scott Bosley – Warehouse Manager / Lead Set Up & Clean Up

If we have hosted an event for you in the past 14 years, there is a good chance Scott was working on your event. Since 2008, Scott has been bringing the party to you, literally.

Scott’s primary goals are to execute the setup and clean-up schedules created for him. He’s also in charge of housekeeping of our warehouse, delivery trucks, and maintenance of our 150+ casino tables and other equipment. He’s a true professional at his job and very meticulous about the care and handling of our equipment so that you can count on the best casino tables at every event.

If you have Scott at your next event, make sure he shows you his magic trick that no one can figure out. It is always a crowd-pleaser.


Between Liz, Laura, Scott, and the owner, Bill Heuer, we have over 50 years of combined hosting casino parties experience. If your corporate event, successful fundraiser, or private party is important to you, then it is important to us.

Let our team show you why iHostPoker Casino Parties is your first choice for hosting your next event.